About Dan-X Recycling

Our plant was purchased from Balcan Engineering based in the United Kingdom and is the first of its kind to be sold and set up in Canada, processing 2000 lamps per hour. This unit is designed to accept all types of mercury containing lamps, including the incandescent bulbs that are being manufactured for household use. 

This business venture will put Nova Scotia first in this very important leadership role for recycling throughout Atlantic Canada.

With the high demand from local environmental agencies and groups, Dan-X Recycling’s aim is to help reduce the toxic and hazardous components that are getting into our atmosphere, and to lower power consumption. Dan-X Recycling has had rapid growth since its inception, and is committed to being a leader as an environmental solutions company with future plans to expand its services to all the Maritime Provinces.

As a final descriptive note, “Recycling is crucial for The Environment” and when Government puts final legislation in place to ban these products from entering our landfills, everyone will benefit from this much needed service dealing with household and commercial waste. This is certainly a milestone for our company, and we anticipate significant growth for recycling of mercury lamps in the years to come.